Thursday, 5 May 2016

Think my frugal ways are rubbing off on the girls..

Hello we went shopping to pick up some bits and bobs..the girls came with us and we took them for a treat at our favourite Coffee Shop Cafe Leo..we sat in the garden at the back and had a lovely drink and inhaled all the yummy smells coming from their kitchen..we did have a couple of plates of toast..which if you have ever had it then you will understand why we love it..the bread is baked locally and sells out fast. Its brown bread packed full of seeds..its gorgeous and we have found out where the bakery is and hubby is planning on a trip there first thing in the morning to get a couple of loaves.

Well anyway back to my statement at the top of this post..the girls had their pocket money in purses in my bag.
Did they want toys? No.
Did they want sweeties? No
Did they want books? No
Did they want colouring books and crayons ?No.

They said that already have them and don't need anymore and didn't want sweeties as they prefer fruit and what did they buy?
A new mug each..Ferns is the Fox and Iris's is the smart of them..and 99p each they have money left for another day.