Does this mean Summer is on its way..

Hello all, how are you all today?
What a beautiful day it has been ..nice warm sunshine and a gentle breeze..and best of all the Swifts are back.
I looked up this morning and saw 2 of them..then more and wonderful to see them.

Every where we went today we saw signs of the new season...the tree's are really exploding out now and the flowers are all standing upright in the sunshine.Lots of little chicks all over ,learning to fly and fend for themselves.
Busy bee's buzzing all over and a few wasps too..we saw a Butterfly just one but its a good sign that its warm enough for them to pop out.
Speaking of popping out,last night when hubby went to lock up he saw a huge spider slowly walking towards our back was no doubt they will be popping up all over the place now..eeww..i am not keen on them but don't like to squash them..we try to catch them and put them outside.
Fern and i spent the afternoon sorting out the patio chairs,table and other garden chairs..we brushed them all down then scrubbed them.The patio furniture is always covered in Winter and this has saved us from having to replace them.
We then sat down for a good long drink in the sun.
Iris and her dad went to the allotments and worked on them..they watered and weeded and put a new lock on the shed door.Iris was shattered when she got home but she is so full of enthusiasm to go and work along side her dad. It was quite cute to see her walking up the road with her dad..big girl wellies on and suncream with a hat..she burns very easily so Factor 50 is used generously on her and Fern.

I hope that you have all had a good day..


  1. I saw my first swallows on Wednesday a sure sign that summer will soon be here

  2. Hi Jackie..o i hope so..the winter wasn't that cold but it seemed to be very long..


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