Buying hints for 99p bargains..

Hello all,how are you today?

In my last post i showed off my 99p i love a bargain and i know all of you do too.
Here is what i do to find them..

Look specifically for auctions..
Always put in the search exactly what you want..if you just put in a general description you get pages and detailed right down to size and colour if you can.

Take your time ..don't rush to buy it and see if any one else is watching it as they could end up pushing the price up.

Set yourself a budget..99p is mine for a lot of things i have bought..but if i really need it then i am willing to go higher but not much.

Look for auctions that end either very late at night or first thing in the morning..these are amazing and not many folks will stay up or get up to bid..

I always look for the ones ending soonest as well..i have had absolutely amazing things from these..i got 5 long sleeved ladies tops for 99p ..they are good quality and nice colours.

Always add on the postage and packaging charges..if it turns out too much then leave it..but most items are about £2.80ish or a little more..ask yourself is it worth..

I always look at the similar items ..sometimes you can spot exactly what you want with that little gizmo.

Photo' can check out the item you want up close and personnel..i have bought things with absolute crap photo's ..not everyone is amazing with a camera..and when they have arrived its been perfect.

Always check the feedback can usually tell what kind of seller they are by feedback.

Please add any hints you can think of as well..
Its a marvellous feeling when you get something for 99p..


  1. Never got that kind of auction bargain.....,,,,, yet :)


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