Wow where did time go..

Hello all, i hope your ok and not having to use a dinghy to get about like we poor chickens literally floated across the pen this morning. But at least they are laying regular.
This last week seems to have been a total blur..we have been busy and of course one thing leads to another then another..Our school work on The Victorians is engrossing which then of course led to a discussion on Women's Rights..they didn't have any which Fern found totally outrageous..hard to try and explain the way life was for women back then but i am making headway.
We went shopping and i treated the family to these..we don't have bought cakes very often. But at 19p each i couldn't resist..they were so light and full of jam.
 Sam bought me the lovely "mums" before Mothers Day..aren't they a lovely colour
 My Lovely hubby made took some time to perfect  them..but they are very nice..i bought some Crumpet rings for him..

 The haven' they grown..Olivia weighs 20lb and Esme 18lbs..they have lots of lovely fuzzy hair..and they can sit and are trying to crawl all over..poor daddy ended up having both girls in his arms..
 I had a lovely Mothers Day..all the girls came around laden with gifts..
Sam bought me these Cake i can make Rainbow Layer Cakes..
 Heather gave me flowers
 and a handbag
 Fern and Iris got me a cushion with a little bird on it..
 Fionna gave me these..aren't they cool..they are going in my kitchen..Andrea gave me a bunch of lovely flowers but i forgot to take a picture..
I am getting a bit bored of having the same at the weekend i made a batch of Panckakes and i have recipes for Blueberry ones and Banana ones too..i also made some Ham and Egg cups with are served with a slice of brown toast..i had to take pictures of both girls plates.

 At the weekend we managed to get our hands on 6 kilos of Carrots for literally nothing..i had Carrot stained hands for i made 2 kilo of Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots..
 3 Kilos went into making the biggest batch of soup..
 I also grated 1 kilo for Cakes and Colesalw..

 I found some Sausage Meat in the freezer,so i made up a batch of patties..i mixed the meat with leftover potatoes,carrots and then dipped it in egg and breadcrumbs which i then pan fried..lovely ,we had 8 in total 2 each..i will be making these again..

Life had been plans to redo the downstairs loo have been put on hold until it warms up a little more.
My Ebay sales have gone totally crazy..they say one mans junk is another mans treasure..the way i am making sales i must have lots of junk lol..
We had our haircut not long ago and i did say i was going to be a blonde again..well i am blonde with grey/silver/purplish actually looks really can't tell what colour it is as it shifts when i move with the light..when will i learn about hair dye..tsk,tsk..nevermind.
Fern has become a Harry Potter daughter Fionna went in her loft and got the set down to lend to Fern who disappears into them at every given opportunity.Much like me and her dad in that way.
So its been busy busy..i am shattered ladies and looking forward to some down time tonight..good film and a nice cup of tea..
So what have you all been up to.


  1. You had some lovely gifts, I do love a crumpet with marmite, I should try and make them sometime. x

    1. Hi yes i am very lucky to have wonderful children..crumpets are easy to do..and delicious

  2. Wow ... it's been busy at yours. What lovely presents you got for Mothers Day :-)

    And all those carrots too .....

    1. Hi Sue..its always busy..and i did get some gorgeous presents..i never want to see another Carrot for a while


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