Friday, 11 March 2016

No not a table top sale..but i reckon i could have one

Hello all, how are you all today?

Firstly welcome to my new follower Fast SOS..hello.

As you all know i have been slowly selling my bits and bobs..i got yet another bag of Baby Clothes out..this one had lots of little bags in..shows how organized i am they all had written on them what was in it and what ages..these have now all been washed ,dried,ironed and put in a bundle on Ebay..fingers crossed ladies.

I never realized just how much i had,this is just one bag full..i have at least another 6 to bag has already been poor courier man has 6 parcels to collect tomorrow..yet its all extra.
Have you ever emptied out your loft only to be shocked by how much you have got..