Quickest Ebay sale ever and a giveaway..

Hello all ,how are you today.
Welcome to my new follower Edwina..
Its a bit chilly here with what i think are snow clouds..they keep whizzing past and not dumping any snow..we did have a weather warning for snow here in Lincolnshire..i reckon the weather app on my hubby's phone does as it pleases...we did have a good frost overnight.. Our pond froze at the bottom of it but no where else..its just so strange this weather. I can remember Winter being Winter and freezing winds and huge snow drifts but now they are few and far between.
Anyway back to the title of this post..i listed an Olympus Camera last night at 6 o clock..got the girls all sorted and ready for bed,had my bath ,came down and bingo someone had bought it..on for about 1hour and a half and it sold..couldn't believe it..now that is the kind of sale i like.
Also the Vintage mugs have been sold too..only on there for 24 hours and they sold..either i have what people want or my prices are low..i don't really care ..i just want to make space and get rid of it,if it makes someone happy and get a bargain then good..

I found these in my airing cupboard..i honestly don't know why i bought them as they are huge They are pillow cases, 100% polyester. They measure at 39 inches long and 19 inches wide..so if anyone wants them please leave a comment and i will pick a winner on Saturday.
Despite the picture they are clean they just need a quick iron.
Good luck.


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    1. Hi no i haven't used it before is it any good

    2. Neither have I, just wondered if you had x

  2. We get quite a few younger people (and whatever our version of a hipster is) asking for non digital cameras, slide projectors, typewriters and of course record players at the charity shop. I'm not surprised your camera was 'snapped' up.

    1. Yes i was surprised it went quickly as it wasn't cheap..but hey i am not going to stop them..i love the old style stuff but at 47 i am no hipster lol..

  3. Can you consider me for the pillowcases please? They'd make sweet dresses for my two girls.
    X x


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