Puddings to warm you up..or just stuff your face with.

Hello all..
When i was little my favourite part of the day was Teatime..i would sit waiting to see what we had for Pudding..i love Puddings..and can think of nothing better after a good meal than having a lovely Pudding all warm and yummy to enjoy.
The other night i made a Rice Pudding..

Puddings can be so cheap to make and so filling.
Here are a few of my favourites..
Bread and Butter Pudding.
Crumbles with custard/icecream for the fussy ones.
Tinned fruit and evaporated milk.
I try in the summer to use as much fresh fruit as i can..i love a fresh fruit salad with some whipped cream.
I often use up my baking at the end of the week to make a pudding..left over tarts with Dream Topping goes down well. I had some Cinnamon Loaf left over last week and we had that with custard.
The supermarket version of Angel Delight..mainly Strawberry or Butterscotch is just as nice with a dollop of ice-cream on top or some Boudoir Biscuits..
Trifle is another thats a must..i hate it myself but the rest of the clan love it.
Swiss rolls and custard.
French Coconut Tart
Chocolate Cobbler
Home made Cheesecake..this is so easy to do i surprised myself with how well it turned out.
More often than not we have a Pudding..how about you ladies do you like your Puddings.?
Whats your Favourite?


  1. Sara, Jess loves a pudding. He was brought up on a farm and always had a pudding, yet us city folk only had it on a Sunday.

    I'm not supposed to eat them, being diabetic, but he loves rice pudding with the skin on top, any sort of crumble, preferably with custard, tonight he is having a miniature Christmas pudding which Lorna bought for him. I will do custard and then I can have some of that with fresh fruit . My pastry never used to be much good but I make it like my Mum with Trex, and it is much better, so many apple pies now.

    He likes treacle tart as well but I don't make that very often. Bread and butter pudding I usually make with brioche because it is lighter.

    You have got my taste buds going now, but I must not, I will repeat that to myself

    Lots of love to you all and have you noticed over 55,000 views now

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..its strange isn't it..i was brought up with puddings and so was hubby and i made sure my family get them..but some people look at you gone out when you say we had a pudding..o bless you for not being allowed puddings..i love apple pies..and treacle tart..i never done bread and butter pud with brioche but it sounds delicious i will try it out.
      No i didn't notice til you just said..wow i am surprised and happy..
      love you much

  2. Love the title of this post, my hubby loves a slow cooker rice pud, I might do one for him next week, it is definitely pudding weather xx

    1. Hi yes me too..sometimes the pudding was better than the meal itself and all i wanted to do what stuff mt face with it lol...it is proper pudding weather..

  3. This is a truly cruel post. You have got me drooling with all this talk of rice pudding, trifle, coconut tart...slobber, drool. I love puddings. I am a reformed pudaholic. Well, I thought I was, now I'm not so sure! We don't often have puddings but occasionally Max will have a slice of cheesecake and I'll have fresh fruit. In my dream world, where health and calories are not an issue, I would have steamed puddings, chocolate concrete, crumbles, stick to your rib foods - double helping with lashings of custard.

    I guess I had better get stuck into an apple then, gosh this hurts!

    1. O bless you Felicity..a little bit now and again is ok..i tend to be a bit greedy though.lots of custard all over the puds just makes it better..
      Unfortunately when it comes to a pudding i totally ignore the calorie count lol..i regret it but damn it tastes good.


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