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Hello all,how are you doing today?
Its been a busy weekend for me..hubby has been chief cook and as always did a great job on Sunday Lunch.
I started with some baking..and had a little helper..she did well..the Rock Cakes we made are amazing.

 I let her help me measure out ingredients and mix it all up..Iris loves her time in the kitchen with me..i am thinking of trying to make her an apron of her very own.
 We made some Flapjack which is slowly disappearing..
 Our Lemon Fingers..
 I made some Meltaways..these have to be the easiest biscuits i have ever made..and no eggs in sight..they go perfectly with a cuppa.
Today i did the beds and bathroom..hubby took our de-humidifier apart and gave it a complete service..it has been leaking and making a wheezy noise..it was clogged up dust and gunky stuff..its all put back together and working great..bless him he is great with stuff like that..
I was going through my handbags earlier and found my old MP3 player and 2 of my favourite lipsticks, i had totally forgotten about all of them..i have far too many handbags and will be sorting them out..trouble is i look at them and think well that one goes with that dress and that one is good for days out..that one is good for carrying lots and that one is good coz its pretty...i am going to have to get tough and just keep 3 ..its going to be hard..i found a lovely leather purse as well..i will keep that.
I sold 3 more items on Ebay .These are packaged up and will be sent tomorrow along with Thrifty's cushion covers..the woman in the Post Office will be her usual self..flaming miserable..
I will be going to visit my eldest daughter tomorrow.. its her birthday..and i get to see the twins..will take my camera so i can show you how much they have grown.
We would both go with the girls but we have a delivery tomorrow ..and its not something we can ask them to leave behind the gate..
We cooked a huge Beef joint and sliced it..i got 5 big bags of sliced Beef..4 went into the freezer and we had one for lunch today..also a Ham joint got sliced up and we will use that throughout the week for sandwiches and lunches.
I am planning on making some more soups this week..i use an old recipe from a 1950's book..very good and very tasty and more importantly cheap to make and freeze.
I have done my meal plan for the week and i also have included some puddings..Semolina,Chocolate Cobbler,Rhubarb Pie and Butterscotch Whip and Bananas and custard...i did find some recipes on Pinterest for Desserts and will post them up as i make them..
Our son has just completed his first week of permanent work..he had lots of overtime and is shattered..he has been in at 7 in the mornings..he has been going to bed real early and getting up early too..something he is not used to..he will be fine in a week or so when he gets used to it.
The boiler finally got the part it has been waiting for..and is now purring like a kitten in the kitchen.
It looks like we are going to need it as well..Storm Imogen is on her way..i just hope we all stay safe.

Right ladies i am off ..i have had my porridge and cuppa and i am going to finish reading my book..i am slowly making my way through all the David Gemmell books..boy that man could write and tell a good story..i actually feel like i am living in the Rigante Highlands..the description of the mountains,forests and just how the Clan lives makes me want to be there,these are from the Rigante series..and the best book of all time in my opinion is Druss the Legend ..."A man to walk the mountains with" as they say.
So i am going to go off to bed with visions of Caer Druagh in my head..
take care


  1. sounds like a very busy time, you must be encouraged getting so much done.

    1. Hi Annie..yes it seems like i am constantly busy..but it does feel good.


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