They say you learn something new everyday..

Hello all how are you today..

Today we learnt all about Nouns,pronouns,adjectives,verbs,adverbs and Idioms..cor blimey it was baffling..i was as baffled as Fern..thank god that there are websites that offer no only free printables but an idiot proof guide to learning them all..i had a headache afterwards..we learnt the basics last year so i thought it was time to go up a level..i am going to have to swot up on these beauties..

I can say i never learnt this much at school lol..i had better be good as i am the teacher here.

It was a pleasant afternoon again..the girls played Tennis and finally beat their opponents..i like to hear them working together..i think it promotes team work and also a strong bond between them.
I had a massive clear-out again today..gosh it felt good to do it.
I also have some bits to pop on Ebay..fingers crossed ladies.
I had a good look in my airing cupboard again today and  i have far far too many i will have a choice to make when i have my next giveaway..
I did a big Pantry shop online today..getting it delivered for £1..can't be bad. I ordered beans,spaghetti,oats,sugar,flours,margerine,mushy peas(not mine but hubbys),peanut butter,lemon curd and other bits i can't remember and as a treat for the girls some Strawberry Mousse's they asked so nicely so i popped them on the list too.
The girls received their Lego Club Magazines today and they spent sometime reading them and doing the Spot the Differences..

Have you all seen the weather forecast..freezing temperatures,ice,wind,sleet,snow. Apparently its going to be bad..that is partially the reason i did a Pantry freezer is still fullish and my fridge is hopefully if it gets bad we will be ok.
What about you ladies are you ready for the cold that is set to descend upon us.
Do you, like me actually like it when you can't get out and your all cozy inside when the weather is bad.
I have always loved it..staying in and keeping warm..and having lots of warming meals.
take care all


  1. All year roind Tony and I add to the stock in the 'under the stairs cupboard. We buy pasta,rice, dried chickpeas and tinned tomatoes. It means that we will always be able to have a hotmeal if we get stuck in due to bad weather. I could even cook it on top of the log burner if I really needed to. We are due a visit to the farm shop for a sack of potatoes... 25kg for £4.99.

  2. Thats a good idea Cherie i think once i get mine under control and ready i will just get what i need as and when..thats a really good price for potatoes..i love Farm shops..

  3. Hello, I was just wondering if you would be able to give me the website that you found this school work on.
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Kellie..i got them from this


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