Now that is service..

Hello all how are you all doing?
People may say bad things about the NHS and also NHS Dentists  but i for one cannot fault them.

The NHS has saved my life twice and for that i am eternally grateful..i would not be here without them.
As for the Dentists..lots of people complain and moan..but come on people we need them..who else is going to help you with Toothache,Abcess..they are Saints  for the relief they give and Devils for the instruments of torture they use at the same time..

Last year i went for my check up and was told i needed a filling but that i couldn't get in until May..fair enough ..i understand they are busy..if it started to hurt just ring and they will get me an Emergency problems..o and we will pop you on the Cancellations List as well..brilliant.
Fast forward to lunchtime today..a quick phonecall to say if i could get for 2.15 then i could get my filling done..even better..
My Dental Surgery is amazing..the girls on Reception are amazing and very understanding..the Dentist i see is so gentle and patient with me..i was all done and dusted and on my way home by that is service.
So thanks to you all..


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