New start to a New Year..

Hello all..i hope that none of you are nursing hangovers today..did you stay up to see in the New Year?
We were all tucked up in bed early..the girls are much much better..a little tired and snotty but getting there.
Myself and hubby are recovering slower..we have manged to get much more done today than yesterday..i got dressed today for one. I have had 2 days in pj's on the thought i had better make an effort today.
We had a lovely Turkey Crown with all the trimmings for lunch..pulled the last of the Christmas Crackers and ate the last Christmas Pudding..nearly all the treats we bought and made are gone..which is good as i don't really want them hanging around for ages.
I did spend some time yesterday reading through these little beauties that arrived..
I could spend a small fortune buying them all..its hard to choose at times..
I have made the decision that we are not going back to school next week..i feel that because we have been poorly we have missed some of the time we wanted to spend together..playing games,going for walks and stuff..that we will all do next week when everyone is 100%.
I have also made a quick list of stuff and things i want to sell and others to giveaway.
Hopefully i will be able to sell my bits and bobs and put the money to one side for emergencies.
How about you ladies many plans for the year ahead?


  1. We stayed up until midnight last night, we had a couple of drinks and watched Netflix.
    I had a seed catalogue come through the other day, do you know I also saw Easter Eggs in Poundland before Christmas. They soon move on to the next thing. I have had a clear out, some has gone to the Charity shop and some on Ebay.

    1. Hi..we normally would have stayed up but having a cold we took ourselves off to bed..
      I love the Seed Catalogues..spend ages going through doesn't surprise me about the Easter Eggs at will be Hot Cross Buns soon..
      I am hoping to sell my stuff..but its January and most people are broke so i may wait til next month to pop my stuff on.


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