Having a crafty day

Hello all i hope that your all ok..

Today we decided to have a craft day..
Iris received some lovely Alphabet beads and spent time making her sister a bracelet..
Then she did some colouring..she loves this and her colouring has gotten loads better..
 Fern spent some time sewing..concentrating on getting her lines straight..
 We then spent time sorting out the Sewing tins..they were a total mess..

 All sewing items put in one tin..
 Extra's ..hook and eye's,darning mushrooms,velcro and sewing machine bits..plus elastic and bias binding in another tin

 I love this old tin..bought it off Ebay for a few pounds..
 Buttons all put in my grans old tin

 This is Ferns very first sewing project..i had some fabric and she needed a pouch to put her little tablet in..
 She sewed up the sides..added velcro and a button and now her tablet is snug inside.

So proud of her and she is very pleased with herself for doing it..i did help a little but the rest is all down to Fern.
What have you all done today?


  1. Your square sewing tin is my seed packet tin! - a very very old tin, never thought to see another anywhere. Weird!

  2. Hi Sue..o wow thats so lovely..i love this old tin..its so big as well..

  3. Well done Fern, great job!
    We received our free gifts, thanks Sara. You've given me the incentive to do a blog post about my first blog giveaway win - you'll get a mention soon! Xx

  4. Hi Claire..o i am so glad they have arrived..enjoy
    thank you for taking part.

  5. I love reusing tins for sewing bits and bobs. My children hate it, they are so disappointed my tins promise biscuits and deliver buttons lol

    1. Hi Sarah..that made me chuckle..my girls shake the tins now to see whats in them..


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