Haha..evil mum alert..

Hello all i hope that your ok.
Firstly welcome to 2 new followers..one of whom is Debbie the other i can't see you but the number has gone up by 2 so i assume i have another..thank you for joining me.

Today we kept up with our learning about the Human Body,we are doing the 5 senses first.
I decided to do Taste first..we drew pictures of Tongues with all the areas labelled..sweet,sour etc..
Iris as usual was done first,,bit slap dash but you get the gist..Fern was ages..i think she dotted every tastebud .
We then did a blindfolded taste test..i got 4 bowls and filled them with similar things of the same texture..salt and sugar then juice and vinegar..
Fern went first..

 Ferns reaction to sugar..
 This is her reaction to Salt..lol..haha..she had to have some water..
 Iris looking worried..
 This is her reaction to the juice..not too bad..
 Her reaction to the Vinegar..lol..thought she might be sick..they washed it down with cups of water..bless them..
 And finally for being good sports a treat.

 Happy faces..for now,tomorrow its the Smell Test..lol..i think i have some sweaty socks in the laundry basket haha..
 This afternoon they played Tennis again and a game where you have to beat opponents by water skiing..they are red-faced and sweaty..
I sorted out 2 folders for our Pantry and Freezer..i can't wait to get my Pantry all cleaned out and reset how i want it..hubby has found some extra shelves and we already have paint so fingers crossed its sometime this week.
Our stock up shop arrived and it was all there no substitutes this time..i now have a fully stocked Pantry so the weather can do what it likes..we are forecast cold and heavy rain tonight..
I also ordered Iris some books from the Book people..then about an hour later realized i had ordered the wrong set..so i rang them and within 30 minutes had an email to say my order was cancelled and my money refunded..so i was clear to order the correct set this time..can't thank them enough..polite and efficient.
I find some other companies take literally forever to refund the money..its so annoying as they are quick to take it but not to give it back.
Its been a bit of a spendy day but now thats it for a while..just milk and fresh stuff so my money will stay in my bank account.
For tea tonight we are having a mid-week roast..and the girls are looking forward to their Strawberry Mousse's for dessert.
What are you all having?


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