Been busy..

Hello are you all doing today?
Well as my title says i have been busy..well kind of.
I sorted through the spare room wardrobe yesterday and found 3 dresses i will never wear again,1 Mother of the Bride outfit,1 beautiful Evening dress with matching full length gloves,1 pair of shoes and some i have photographed the lot and put them on Ebay..if they don't sell i will donate them except the Evening Dress..which i will just re wrap and keep for another time.
 The Dress was my eldest girls Prom Dress..its so beautiful and you feel like a Princess when you wear looks even better with the Evening Gloves..
These are the Napkins..Vantona..they have Made in the UK.. on them..pale green edged in a green thread..very nice..i have a matching Blue set with the Tablecloth as well..i use these in the garden in the Summer when we have a BBQ..there are 6 of them..and they are quite big too..

Then i had to list them on Ebay..wether its just me feeling offish still but it seemed to take ages..anyway fingers crossed they will sell and i can put the money towards some essentials for the coming year.

I have made a start on all the Laundry that has piled up a bit since i got ill. I will catch up but slowly.
I have done a meal plan for the week and to be honest i am looking forward to it.
We have set ourselves a new budget for every week..if we stick to it then we will money left over for little treats and also be able to save some as well.
I have set aside a Jam Jar we are going to pit so much a week in it ans that way we are covered for Easter,Bonfire Night and then Christmas.
We will work out how many weeks until these dates then what we want to achieve and then put the amount in every week.
My second purse is currently empty..but i will use my spare change jar to put about £3 in it..and keep it with me in my bag when i go shopping..this way i won't have to dip into the budget money if i see anything in Charity Shop..

We are planning out the Allotments and exactly what plants we need..when we have a list i will pop it up .
Also we will be making a trip to £land..they have some great Fruit Bushes and plants..i have not been disappointed by them so far.
I will have a look around at the the stationery stuff whilst there too.

So far into this year we have plans made up and ideas for what we need to achieve.
I will be trying to do a Giveaway every month.
To the ladies who won today would you leave a comment with your name and Address so i can post them straight away..
To the lady who wanted to be entered i am sorry but the Giveaway ended before your comment was left.
So ladies what are you all doing so far?
take care


  1. cant beat a Poundshop gooseberry bush or blackcurrant bush , all mine have thrived and crop . Last year we bought their bean seed it didnt tell you varieties just exotic bean ,they produced some really good purple beans that i have saved seed from .

    1. Hi Kate..that is so true..we had amazing crops off the Gooseberry might be cheap but it works well for me.

  2. I got my seed potatoes from Poundland last year, they were brilliant. I must remember to go and have a look in there next time I'm passing, potatoes are the only things I don't have ready to grow, I'm fine for seeds.

    Good luck with your Ebay sales. xx

    1. Hi Sue..ooh i will look at the Seed Potatoes next time i go..
      I have watchers on my items..just hoping they buy them


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