Back to school..normal service is resumed..

Hello all..well it seems my little rant earlier has struck a chord with a lot of people..lets make a deal ladies..we will all always be polite to each other.

Anyway back to my little bubble..i mean my home.
Today we went back to school..the girls were more than ready and to be honest so was i..we did all our work and totally enjoyed it..i thought they may be a bit rusty but nope they surprised me and threw themselves into it.

We did the Math,Times Tables and Fern did some Verbs and Irregular Verbs..Iris did some beginning sounds and did really well..which i was pleasantly surprised was the first time she did this set and got them all correct..Well done Iris..and also to Fern as the Verb work was new and she hadn't done Irregular Verbs..after all that we started a New Topic..The Human Body..i started with the 5 senses..and put things in a bag and got the girls to put their hands in and explain what they could feel..was it hard,soft,long,short,squishy etc..and try to guess what it was just by touching..that was fun. They both then read to me and after that we had lunch..just a sandwich today followed by fruit.
This afternoon they played on the Wii..its great keeping them fit the weather is too cold and wet to go out..i pop that on for an hour and they play Tennis,Bowling,Golf all sorts on it..they were both quite sweaty by the time they had finished.
As they were busy with that i disappeared into the kitchen to try out a new recipe i found..its delicious..and everyone loved it..i think this is going in my big book of recipes..

Apple Jam Bars..but i changed it to Raspberry Jam bars as i do have an abundance of Raspberry Jam at the moment..
3 cups of plain flour
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 nutmeg
1/8 tsp ground cloves
1/8 tsp ground allspice
2 sticks of butter which i worked out to 8oz..cubed
1 egg beaten
6 tablespoons of jam of your choice really..

Put all ingredients except jam into a food processor and mix until nice and crumbly..Divide it in half.
Put half the mix into a pan 9x13 lined with greaseproof paper.
Spread it out evenly..use your hands to make a firm crust.i just flattened it with palm of my hand.
Spread your jam over the bottom crust.
Use the other half to cover the jam..i didn't flatten it too much just enough to firm it up.
Bake at Gas mark 5 for 30-35 minutes or until golden and jam is bubbling.
Cool it ,slice and serve.
 I mixed it in my food processor until  i could mould it..just
 Flatten it down..
 Added the jam and the rest of the mix

 Forgive the picture but i was not wearing glasses and thought it looked ok..
 Baked it for 30-35 minutes

 Look at that thick crumbly rich slice..makes my mouth water just looking at it..
 Well i had to try a slice or 2..didn't i?
I can say this went down really well after Tea tonight for will be good with Custard,cream or even Ice cream..
A little naughty but o so nice.
What about you ladies do you have lovely treats that you make and just have to try it before anyone else does?
take care


  1. I ALWAYS have a taste before subjecting my Lovely Hubby to my baking .... it's only fair ... and sometimes the only time I get to eat what I have baked, he scoffs the lot!!

    It must keep you on your toes and feeling fresh with things this home-schooling, I think it's a wonderful thing.

    1. Hi Sue..o yes its only fair that we get a taste of it if we have baked it..and your right it is the only time i get some as it disappears quite quickly..
      I do love Home Schooling..its done at my pace and theirs so its good as they learn at the pace they need to.

  2. These reminded me of the date shorties that I used to make, instead of jam you put melted dates (with a little water) inside.

    1. Briony they sound lovely..may have a try at them

  3. Like Briony above I used to make date slices like this but soon discovered no one else liked them so they've not been made for years. I'd forgotten all about them

    1. Perfect excuse to make some and have them all to yourself lol..

  4. What a lovely blog you have, I've started reading from the beginning and am really enjoying it. I list The Three Elizabeths as one of my favourite books too, it's still on my bookshelf. Kind regards Elsie

    1. Hello Elsie..welcome and thank you very much..the Three Elizabeths is my favourite book ever..i read it at mt grans when i was little and it struck a chord in me and i don't know why..but i loved it.
      take care


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