Whooshed off my feet..but loving it..

Hi all i hope that your ok and keeping calm amidst the chaos..my hubby went shopping for some bits to finish our shopping today..he said that at 9 o clock a certain supermarket was jam packed..loaded trolleys and a couple arguing about things in the trolley..so glad i am not getting sucked back into it all.I could not be doing with it..
I had a lovely but busy day..the grand-daughters were here and played so well..we got he big Barbie box down after lunch..didn't hear one peep out of the older ones..little Emma was with me and grandad..asking us for cuddles and just chatting away..they had played Monopoly and Cluedo..Iris put her compuer on and Emma watched some cute cat thing they like..peaceful..thats how i like it.

I did more washing and ironing so i am all caught up and have none to do over Christmas itself..we took our turkey out the freezer to defrost so we can cook it Christmas Eve..i finished knitting my scarf .
I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the postman delivered some Microscope slides..Fern asked for a Microscope for Christmas..we have got her one..but it only came with 3 slides..i saw slides on Ebay and ordered them..praying they would get here on time..they have now been wrapped up and put away..i was cutting it fine as they came from China .We got her 48 for about £8..they look good and it will make her day..she is so nosey..thats a good thing for the Scientist she wants to be.
My son broke up for Christmas..he is not back in til Boxing Day..so his uniform has been washed and put away.
 He bought  me a beautiful Pot Mum..isn't it gorgeous..
This little box we filled with Mince Pies and tarts for our Binmen..Iris adores them..they flash their lights and wave to her every week..and have done since she was about 1..she took them out to them and they Thanked her and wished her a Happy Christmas..ain't that sweet..
I have been whooshed off my feet as Iris says but i would rather be a bit whooshed than not.

Welcome to my new follower Rhonda..hello i hope you like my little blog.
take care


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