Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Well,well,well..wonders will never cease..

I got a nice surprise kind of todays..for years i have been telling or rather suggesting to my husband that he gets some pj's and a house coat..nope no way..not having that..never wore them and never will.

Our bedroom is one for the the Summer you can't move without sweating and in the Winter you literally need to wrap up and get dressed to go to bed. I have big blankets on the bed and a heater in the corner to ward off the chill..our radiator isn't worth diddly and only heats part of the room..soon as the heating is switched off the room temperature drops.
As Simon has had some health issues over this year he is now starting to feel the cold a bit..the Blood Pressure tablets can affect his extremities..his feet are constantly getting cold.
So imagine my surprise when he bought pj's last week and today he went shopping and came home with a Housecoat..i was shocked and surprised as he never said anything..and finally admitted that maybe just maybe i may have been right this hopefully he will feel a bit warmer when in bed and be nice and cozy with his new Housecoat on.
Has your husband ever flatly refused to do something only to realize that you were right all along.