The Christmas Snowman..

Hello all how are you today?
Its been quite mild and actually nice today..i got hot walking home from town. I went and took our library books back and then got the last bits of shopping and i am done..well almost..that is all my meals for Christmas took care of..we just need some fresh cream and a ham joint from Lidl next week .All presents are wrapped and hidden away.My freezer is full of cakes and cookies and biscuits that i have made over the last few weeks..we will finish school tomorrow lunchtime..and relax.Put our feet up and just enjoy some down time.

Todays story is about a very small snowman called Snowy made by 2 children who wish for lots of snow but only get a very light snowfall . Everyone thinks he will melt but Jack Frost has been visiting him at night to keep him cold and frozen.poor Snowy sees everyone having a good time at Christmas and wishes he could be a big tall strong snowman..he suddenly sees Santa and his sleigh in the sky and is not that impressed..he just closes his eyes  to got to sleep but then he starts to feel soft flakes falling on his head,he opens his eyes and Santa is sprinkling him with snow to make him bigger and stronger..when the children wake up they see Snowy all big and wonder how he got so big when it didn't snow anywhere else.
A cute story..Iris loved it especially seeing how small Snowy was when he was first made.
We forgot to read one yesterday..but we will make it up at the weekend.

Take care all..


  1. This would be perfect for my grade three class!

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    1. Don't you just love the spam..i could be offended and think i am fat or do you think i am fat and need this..lmao
      happy christmas..


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