The Christmas Robin..

Hello all..Thank you so much for the Get Well Wishes it means a lot..i am so flipping tired i almost fell asleep this afternoon..i had to move around a bit or i would have gone.
The girls and hubby are taking great care of me and making sure i am comfy. I even had Iris's favourite Teddy Sarah sat with me on the sofa to keep me company whilst they helped their dad with sweet.
Today's Christmas Story was The Christmas Robin..a lovely story and beautifully illustrated ..we loved it..i actually bought that one off Ebay last year for a few pounds but was totally worth it.

Fern did her Robin..Iris did one too but it was more of a Rainbow Robin..

My lovely husband put up the door curtain..i can't believe the difference it has made already..
I did get a lovely parcel from Boden..they sent me a voucher last i spent it on a i love Notebooks..i have them for all planning,shopping lists,budgets,decorating and gardening..i am a sucker for them..

I can't wait to get cracking with it..
This my old one..hubby bought it for me..Cath pretty..
This one still has plenty of empty pages in it..this one is my Planner of Planners..everything goes in this one..budgets,ideas,lists etc..
Do you have a planner ladies? And do you have a weakness for Notebooks lol?
take care


  1. Keep resting up! I, too, love notebooks. In fact my daughter has 'banned' me from buying any more, as I have so many, A6, 5 & 4! But, you know, somehow, another one occasionally finds its way home. They're so useful!

    1. Hi..i am so glad that i am not alone in my addiction to these little beauties..and yes they are very useful..i keep a little one in my has all shoe and clothes sizes in it for the family..i update it every 6 months..

  2. Replies
    1. I actually get excited when i see husband laughs at me..but to be honest i would rather be addicted to Notebooks then anything else lol..

  3. Yep ... I'm a notebook addict. Luckily I think I have enough to see me through next years 'not buying anything' ... phew !!


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