The Christmas Fairy..

Hi ok ladies..i hope that this awful storm hasn't affected any of you..i feel so sorry for the people in Keswick ,Appleby and the whole of heartfelt wish is that they are all ok and safe.

Todays story is The Christmas Fairy..a tale of an old doll who gets left out because she is wooden and not a fancy new plastic doll..left on the windowsill  for years. Poor thing wants to be a fairy on the tree so she can grant wishes but she gets knocked out the window and feels all cold and lonely until she is picked up by a kindly dustbin man,he takes her home and his little girl and wife clean her up and give her a beautiful new dress and put her at the top of the tree..sweet and short. No activity for it today as the girls were helping out in the kitchen and then playing games.
 We made a jar of Hot Chocolate mix..i found the mix on Martha Stewarts website..
 We also made cookies
 The tarts all have our own jam in nice and satisfying
 I made Mince pies for Christmas
 And some Brownies..these will be frozen and when i defrost them i will cover them in chocolate fudge frosting.
 My lovely husband made Crumpets.they are so tasty and for his first attempt at them he did well.
So that was our day today..what have you all been doing today?


  1. Sharing a meal with family from up north even managed to burn a shop bought pie never my own but aunt bessies always tinged with black lol. Best bit was getting hubby covered in glitter making ornaments with our little one. Yours looks like a fab way to spend a saturday :)

  2. You sound like you had a good day too..i love meal times..a time for just chatting and enjoying each others company..the conversations we have around our table at times are just ridiculous..always ends with us in fits of giggles at something..
    My husband often gets covered in glitter..he had some on his head(bald) and kept wondering why we were smiling..


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