No story today but a film..

Hello instead of reading the girls watched a short film..Prep and Landing..if you haven't seen it then you really should..i didn't watch all of it but got the gist of it. The elves basically prep all the houses for Santa to visit..use sleepy gas on dogs and check that all the children have been good..if they have been bad then they go straight on the naughty list and get coal..a series of mishaps and its up to the elves to save Christmas..

 We had to go for Dental check ups today..the girls are good but i need another filling..o well..

My lovely husband made some Shortbread and Devonshire Split buns this afternoon..he wasn't happy with the buns as the tops are browner than he wanted them but they smell delicious and once filled with cream will be a gorgeous treat for guests over Christmas..

Tomorrow i am baking tarts and Mince-Pies for this coming week as well as some Scones..the girls are going to help and be the pie fillers for me..they have some colouring and reading to do as well..
We have been having some early mornings just  lately and it has caught up with us its early nights and no alarm clocks for a few days..try to let us all catch up a bit..its going to be hectic next week and i for one don't want to be too tired to enjoy it all.
How about you ladies..does it catch up with you all sooner or later.

Welcome to my 2 new followers Trudie an Sue Hester..lovely to have you reading my blog..i hope you enjoy it.
take care


  1. looking forward to the shortbread & split buns on Christmas Eve mum!! oh yea we're gonna come up Christmas Eve xx

    1. Hey Annie..everyone this is Andrea..mum to the twins..
      Ok i will have the kettle on and some pies ready for you..
      love you baby girl

  2. You've got a hubby to treasure there ... we all love a man who can bake ... even if his buns do come out browner than expected ;-)

    1. Hi Sue..o yes he is a little treasure and i love his buns ;)..


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