Lazy Sunday and Christmas on the Farm

Hello are you all today?
Well today has been quite laid back..i did all the bedroom and bathroom..hoovered all the way through and now its spick and span..lovely husband cooked Sunday dinner..which was divine..clean plates all round.
After the gorgeous meal we decided no t.v. ,laptops or computers..we played Monopoly all was great..had break for drinks and something to eat,then back to it..we did nothing but laugh and totally enjoyed ourselves.
Todays story was about animals on a farm wanting to have Christmas inside..they wished for it but then didn't like it as it was too hot and uncomfortable for them..then came the snow and the school had to close..they had no where to hold the the Donkey lead them to the barn..they held the Nativity in there..all the animals got to be involved and it felt like they had Christmas inside..and Santa left them gifts as well.
Here is an Ebay non paying person sent me three messages..
1, phone was broken
2, lost her purse
3, lost her phone,purse and credit cards could i give her more time.
I replied that i was sorry she had lost these items but i had given her 10 days and she only got in touch when she got a reminder.
So now she has a no payment mark against her and i got my fee's within 24 hours of relisting the coat i had sold it.If its true she lost these items then i am sorry for her.
I have sold all but 3 items and if they don't sell then i will donate them to a charity shop.


  1. I'm glad your down to just three items. Do you have plans for something nice with your funds?

    1. Hi Sarah..yes i have bought Fern a Microscope and slides for Christmas plus some lovely books for them both..
      Thankfully the 3 have watchers so fingers crossed..but if not then a Charity shop will benefit form them..a lovely pair of Clarks brown leather and suede girls boots,hardly worn..some one will get a bargain lol.
      take care


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