Houseful..feel like Ma Walton..

Hello all how are you today?
Its been a bit of a squeeze here today..two of my grand daughters arrived bright and early and then my daughter arrived after lunch with two more was manic but thankfully they all get on well together..i took the opportunity to grab a picture whilst they were was strange hearing them shout Grandma..mum..grandma.. is so weird..i answer everyone..when they leave its like a military campaign..who do these boots belong too..who's coat is this..hugs and kisses for everyone..then makes me feel like Ma Walton.
I feel sorry for my Sam..the only boy surrounded by girls..but they both are adored by the girls and can hold their ground pretty well...good job they can.
L-R..Iris,Hollie,Sam,Leah,Emma and Fern..
It was loud when they were all here..Hollie and Emma went home with their dad not long after this quietened down a little but not much..
Tomorrow our other Daughter and Grand daughters are coming around..will try to get some pictures of them.
My husband went to town to get the fresh bits was heaving in Asda at half honestly wouldn't think the shop was closed for 1 day..people had trolleys piled husband pootled around with a basket and got what was on the list and came home.
Both the chaps went to the allotments and got our Swedes and Spring Onions..they have also got a plan drawn up now for exactly what we are going to grow and Pumpkins are on the list are Butternut Squashes..i love those..shame as i am the only one that does..beautiful roasted in Olive oil with some Red Onions.
There is no story today..i have miscounted and only have one book left  and that is The Night Before Christmas and Iris wants that for tomorrow night.
My turkey is defrosting nicely and will be cooked tomorrow..i have got some little Icing Kits and we will decorate our Gingerbread men and stars as well.
I have finished wrapping all gifts and have hidden them away..i am so excited and can't wait to see their little faces when they open them.
Do you still get excited at seeing the little ones open their presents.?
For me thats what i love the most ..i get all teary eyed when i see the looks on their faces..i listen to them all year to find out what they would like and try my hardest to get them..i don't go mad or over the top with gifts but i do like to get them exactly what they want and a surprise or 2 if i can afford it but i don't spoil them.
I like giving it fills me with doesn't have to be a big expensive gift but something i know deep down inside they will treasure and love.
Right i am off to have a cuppa..
take care


  1. Awww ... you're a lovely Mum, Ma Walton :-)

    Wishing you, all your little ones, not so little ones and the few big ones all the very best for a Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and Happy New Year. xx

    1. Hi Sue thank you..and the same to you and your lovely hubby and family..

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your lovely family

    1. Hi Sue..thank you so much and the same to you..wishing you joy and happiness


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