Saturday, 19 December 2015

Home Happenings..

Hello all..i hope your ok and kind of enjoying this unseasonable weather..its so weird..when  the cold does come its going to feel bloody awful after this mild spell..can't grumble though at least we are not using the heating so hopefully it may keep the bills down a little.
I haven't done a Home Happenings post for a while with all the excitement of Christmas and decorating  ..
Its been quite hectic here and its going to get worse..the girls are jumping up and down with  excitement..we are all so looking forward to a very laid back,chilled out holiday.
We have cut back on everything this year..apart form the decorations but they have been collected over the last almost 30 we do have a lot and i love to see the girls get excited when we get them all out.
We have been making treats and baking so just about everything on our plates for Christmas lunch is what we have grown or made ourselves.This year we have my parents as guests..they are looking forward to it and so are we.The we are off to our daughter Heather's for Boxing Day.
Our son Sam has settled well at his job..he has done loads of overtime and is excited about starting full time in the New Year..he and his dad have also been to the allotments and sorted thorough them and now have a plan for what they are going to grow..the allotments will be for veggies and the other fruits.

Our chickens are going through the moult and to be honest look like they have been attacked..but now the feathers are growing back and  i am hoping the eggs start being laid again.
I am still decluttering..i am aiming for a clutter free house..i am getting there..the bedrooms and bathroom,kitchen living room and dining room have all been cleared of just feels so much better.
The big one is the attic..we keep going up and getting stuff out..its either binned,sold or we have no choice but to get cracking on it as the Council are going to be putting more insulation in.

We have 2 of our little grandchildren coming for 2 days next will be lovely to have them..the girls are excited to see them..we have some films to watch ..and maybe some popcorn.
Today we have baked more Mince-pies and tarts..also we prepared some of Christmas veggies..i roasted parsnips,carrots and potatoes..they are all ready .

I gained 2 new followers and lost a follower..can't please every one..
What have you all been up to this week..?
take care sara