Day 7..a totally gorgeous story today.

Hello all how are you today?
Well today was busy ..after yesterdays slow day..does you good now and then to sit and relax and just chill out.
The girls did their school work this morning before the Hairdresser arrived they both had a trim and i had a good cut..the girls gave our Hairdresser a Christmas card..she is lovely and always cheerful.
After lunch we made some Leek and Potato Soup..i did the cutting but they did the rest..its now nestled in the freezer ready for lunchtimes..
 I will make good cooks of them both i hope..
 They both tried the soup when it was done and liked it so that was a success for me.
Huge pan of soup

 I also made some Laundry Liquid for my Woolies..

We read this delightful has such beautiful pictures and we love it so..we like to try and spot the animals hiding in the Park Keepers Cabin.
Well thats me for today ladies..what have you all been doing?


  1. They have got lovely hair, is yours long too?

    1. Hi Sue..yes their hair is totally mine is quite short..i can't bear it when my hair gets too long


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