Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti.. this is my first go at making didn't turn out bad..just i couldn't get it into the log shape so i did it in 2 pieces..

6 tbsp of soft butter
1 cup of  caster sugar
1 egg,plus 1 egg yolk
1 tsp of butter extract..i don't have that so you can use either Vanilla or Almond..i chose Almond
2 cups of plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsps cinnamon
For the topping
1/4 cup of granulated sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 egg,beaten
Cream butter and sugar

Add eggs 

Add essence and blend it well

in a separate bowl whisk your flour,salt,baking powder and cinnamon..

much easier to whisk than sift it

add one cup at a time to the butter mix

until you get a stiff dough

roll into log shape,,brush with egg and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar,bake for  45 minutes then slice it whilst warm and put the slices back on the tray  sliced side down and cover in the rest of the cinnamon sugar..bake for another 15 minutes..or until golden.
Gas mark 3
or 325 degrees.

This is what we ended up with..they are delicious and crunchy..and for my first go i think they are ok.
We have popped some in the tin and the rest will be frozen for over Christmas.

Hello to my new follower Cherie..i love your blog and can look on in awe at what you do.
take care


  1. Thank you, that is a lovely thing to say. I would try your biscotti recipe but have promised I will lose three pounds by this time next week. I just need a hefty dose of will power.

    1. Cherie your more than welcome..o no..hang on i will parcel up some will power and send it..

  2. Well done, I have never made them, but will try in the new year x

    1. Thank you..its quite easy and am sure you will enjoy

  3. These would be delicious with coffee or tea. I had always wondered what the secret to crunchy (but not burnt) biscotti was. It looks like it is twice baking with a slight period of rest between.

  4. Hi yes..i sliced whilst warm left for a few minutes then popped back in the oven..its absolutely delicious with coffee.


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