Christmas stories..

Hello are you all today?
I am feeling much much better..i did all my baking this morning and then it was time to put up the decorations..i will show you those later on.
Todays stories were short stories from this book..

I love just how simple this book is and the fact is very was my mum's..she gave it to me a few years ago.There are a few more stories to come out of this book.
I had 2 of my brothers pop round today..they both raided my littlest brother who actually towers over me has finally got his little boy sorted. Isaac has been poorly for so long,lots of trips to the doctors,hospitals and specialists and finally they have diagnosed with dairy he is on Soya milk and gaining weight and no more sore bum..and most importantly he is sleeping at last..he is 14 months old and a lovely happy boy and had so much to deal with,so fingers crossed he is now getting on and will be ok.
take care


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