Book 3 Day 3

Hello its a bit gloomy here today. Wet ,windy and dark so early.
We cheered ourselves up inside though.
We read our book and then the girls wrote their version of is a beautiful book.
 We traced a picture then outlined it in silver pen and they glittered it..i swear when we change carpets a glitter explosion is going to happen..there must be more glitter than carpet..still it looks nice when the sun shines on the carpet lol..
 Here are our Gingerbread men
 Tree's and bells..
 Here is the curtain rail my lovely husband put up..just got to alter some curtains now and it will be nice and cosy in there..we have one at the front door..its so warm.
 This is the French Bread the girls and their dad made.
 Today we finally made jam..and lots of it as well.. look at all that Raspberry goodness.
Right ladies i am off to have a cuppa and curl up with my book.
Stay safe ..


  1. Goodness me that looks like a fab stash of jam for the winter. How tasty :)

  2. Hi Sarah yes its most certainly a very welcome addition to our pantry over the Winter and its so tasty..will have to make sure no one just dips a spoon in.


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