A book a day for Christmas..

Hi all i hope that your all ok.
Well its the beginning of December folks..where o where has this year gone. It just seems five minutes since we had lovely long summer days. The days are now getting shorter and colder to boot..but there is something special about the Winter..everything seems to slow down and mellow out ..we have been having some good days just reading and snuggling up on the sofa's..nice warm blankets to keep us cosy. If like me you have small ones then the best part of the year is about to hit us..the girls are so excited about Christmas..we have started to get in the mood. We have been baking and making decorations,this is the best part for me..i love all the preparations and the busy days.
My mum is going to have the girls for an afternoon so i can wrap the gifts and get them safely stowed away.
We have made some lovely cards for our friends and family.
I know that once Fern and Simon's birthdays have been its not long to go..so we get cracking.

I have over the last few years bought lovely books for everyday of Christmas..i love reading to them and i have integrated it into a lesson for them..i read it then they have questions to answer on it..Iris finds the relevant information and Fern writes it down..they had fun doing it.

 These are my Grandma's Glass Bauble's..too delicate to go on a tree so i popped them in this little dish..we are not putting up our decorations and tree's until 12 days before Christmas..otherwise its too long and little people get over excited about it all...well mine do.
 Our Santa countdown..
 These are Chocolate Sugar cookies..they are lovely but very chocolatey..you only need one at a time..i have frozen these for over the festive period.If you want the recipe i will post it up.

We also made some Gingerbread Men and tree's and bells..so easy and they spent ages making sure they looked good..i turned our baking into a lesson..Fern measures and Iris mixes it and then has to count how many we have made and also how long the need to bake for.also they make excellent taste testers.
I am going to post about the books we read until Christmas Eve..

How about you ladies are you baking for Christmas or reading little stories?


  1. In our home we have an activities and book advent. My little toddler loves Christmas books as some of her favourite animals are in them. It's looks like alot of fun is happening in your home :)

  2. Hi Nim..o bless her..i love Christmas with little people its so exciting..
    i try to make it fun for the girls.


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