What is lurking under the cupboards???

Hello all..i hope that your ok..
We have removed all the kickboards on the kitchen units..ready to re-paint them..they are now all clean and grease free..ready to get going..whilst we were doing it last week we saw somethings we thought we had lost..tea towels,scrubby sponges ,my magic eraser.They were duly pulled out and washed and put away properly..but back in the far far corner under the biggest unit,where its all dark and cobwebs the size of bushes lurk was this..

How on earth they got there is a mystery..after a tug of war with a plate sized spider we got them out..look at the date on them..and they are our favourite flavour too..pretty sure if we had known they had disappeared back them we would have literally ripped the cupboard to get at them..we were tempted to open them to see if they were still crispy or soggy..i'm betting soggy..eeww.I resisted temptation and binned them. I don't know what could have been growing in the packet.Botulism is my guess..
What have you found lurking under your cupboards?
take care


  1. I think I would HAVE to have had a peek in the bag ......

  2. Haha i wanted to have a look..but unfortunately i didn't get the chance..hubby binned them as the dog was trying to eat the packet.


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