No Fireworks here..

Well i know its Firework Night but we have decided to not have them this year..and unfortunate incident last year  kind of put us off.
We had burgers,hotdogs,onion rings and plenty of popcorn for tea..then turned out the lights and watched the ones going off..we have had some absolutely stunning booms that have sent our little dog running for cover..the girls have enjoyed themselves watching them from the safety of the dining room..maybe next year.


  1. A nice safe and family way to do it.

    There wasn't much to be seen here last night, much too wet I think, but there are a couple of organised displays over the weekend.

  2. Hi yes they went bonkers around here earlier..i think it will be tomorrow that they get going..yes much safer than having a firework go rogue and try to take out the entire family..


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