Look what we did with that roll of wallpaper...

Well as you know i had some wallpaper spare from decorating our bedroom..i had an idea to do this..
Dining room wall..i emptied the book cases and took pictures down..

Now doesn't that look better..i love it..i have spent today putting it all back..i have got rid of loads of stuff .
The bookcases look pretty full but believe me i have slimmed them right down..
Also the tops of them will be housing some of hubby's prize plant specimens over the Winter..
I changed my curtains to the Winter ones..doesn't seem that long ago i changed them to Summer ones..i had the chandelier to bits and cleaned it..it sparkles now..i couldn't get a decent picture of it today but will try again tomorrow.
So when the kitchen is done that is it for the year..no more needs doing and next year we can concentrate more on the allotments.
take care all


  1. Hey there i was just browsing the blogs and stumbled upon yours.Our main room has the vent on the wall .It was driving me mad how to make it look better.What you have done looks fab.
    lisa xx

  2. Hi Lisa..thank you very much..i don't like the vent being there but had no choice in it as the local council did it..
    take care


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