Kitchen update..almost there..

Hi all i hope that your ok today..what weather we have had..windy,raining but not that cold.

Well the kitchen is almost complete..we have the cooker hood back up and the bits and bobs have been sorted. I cleaned out all the cupboards and got rid of lots of useless things that i haven't used in years.
I gave a few bits to my mum and the rest i charity shopped and some of it had to be binned..the cupboards are all clean and stacked also made room in my pantry which now doesn't look so cluttered.

Take no notice of the clutter around has all gone now.
My stick on chalk board..
I took the chalk board off the fridge and popped it on the wall..with my made over Cafe sign at the top..not bad eh?
I have measured up for blinds and we have seen some flooring we like as not long to go til it is finally finished.
take care all


  1. It's looking good.

    I like the 'cafe' sign on top of the black board .... it looks like you should be writing the weekly menu on there now.

  2. Thank you..i am so pleased with it..just need a floor now..i love my blackboard..the girls have already covered it in girly drawings..its for my shopping and "to do list"..


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