Kitchen update..

Hi all ..the kitchen is really coming on now..we decided to put units back in and some more worktop..i don't know what i was thinking when we took them out..thankfully hubby is a pack rat and kept them in his shed all wrapped up and they came back in flat pack and within a few hours we had put them back together and got them back in place..the worktop had been stood up in our utility area for ages..thankfully it was all good..just needed a good clean..
Extra cupboard before

More cupboards before

New worktop..take no notice of the stuff on it..its all just piled in there for now til we done properly.
So not long to go now..i can't wait for it to be all done..i am so lucky to have a handy husband and now i have more storage space and more work space..which the girls have already claimed to do their baking on..
take care


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