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Hello all..i hope that your all ok..did the storm bother any of you?
We had a few chairs knocked over and the Chickens weren't keen but we are ok
It has been busy here at Flowertot Mansion..we have done the floor and ordered the blinds..i got them off Ebay for a fraction of the cost  of anywhere else.The only thing i have left to get is a new washing up bowl but i will wait for that as its not essential.

We have been baking in our kitchen..the girls seem more eager to help now..is that the new kitchen affecting them or are they turning a corner. They have also been helping me more with the Laundry and putting away their own clothes..i am not complaining at all..in fact i am encouraging it.

The icing was supposed to be Pink but it came out Red..

We had a friend pop over with a lovely bag of clothes for Iris..o they are gorgeous and she wouldn't take a penny for them..so generous.

I have been busy cleaning the house..doing the beds and bathroom..well the house got blitzed to be honest..i like to keep on top of it all..it is done daily and some jobs weekly and others monthly but this weekend seemed to be all at once..i don't mind at all..i had little helpers and it was fun..we had the music on whilst doing it.

Fern stirring the soup

All bagged up to freeze.

Today we made Carrot soup and i also cleaned the windows inside..Jack went to the groomers and came back looking better but with a bottle brush tail..which i am not happy about..but they won't shave it any closer incase they hurt him..funny how they managed to do it properly last time..anyhoo he looks better.

I love Tupperware..i have a few bits and bobs but this has to be my best bargain..it only cost me 50p..i couldn't believe my luck..its beautiful and keeps our salads lovely and fresh for days.

Above are some little chocolates that my daughter Heather bought the girls from their trip to Disneyland Paris..they were in Paris the week before the awful events of this weekend..i am so glad they were not there and i have my family safe..my heart totally goes out to the French people and all the families who lost their most precious loved ones.
Take care of yourselves people..


  1. I wouldn't be happy with that tail either .... poor dog, he must be so embarrassed ;-)

    1. Hi Sue..no i am not happy..its looks like a bloody bottle brush..poor dog..

  2. All safe and sound mum ! Your Kitchen looks great & its great how many views youve had x x x


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