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Hi all..well it's getting to that time of year again. I love Christmas but absolutely hate the seemingly relentless campaigns on tv.
Its not just the supermarkets and big shops that put on fancy ads its the must have toy adverts as well.
Almost every time we watch the telly up they bloody pop..and its almost laughable..your child will be left out if they don't have this toy..or your child will be the only one that doesn't have..they don't actually say that but to me that is how it feels. It makes parents feel so pressured into buying the crap in the first place. I have not given in to pressure from it..never have but i do totally have sympathy with parents who do.
Its not just toys but food and wine as well..if you don't put on a spread then your poor..again they don't say it but it is implied or is that just me?
I think after all this time i have become numb to it..but i do know some people who aren't..it infuriates me that they want you to get into debt ..and for what..its one day. Toys that are discarded not even opened or wanted..food that you throw away and drink that never ever gets poured..o and don't forget to get your new sofa,kitchen,carpet,blinds or windows...just more to get you to part with your hard earned cash.
I sound like a grumpy git..but i am not i can assure you of that. I love Christmas and all the hustle and bustle ..the secret wrapping and hiding pressies..plus decorating the rooms and tree's..yes tree's..one for the little ones and one for grown ups..preparing the food,roasting my turkey,baking mince-pies its a wonderful time and should really be enjoyed. Family all around,good friends and good times.

Here is my plan for our Christmas..this year we have decided to radically cut back on everything.
We have spoken to the girls and they were very grown up about it and also accept that they really do have a lot of toys..to be honest i could give a toy shop a run for its money.
So i saw this and thought it was brilliant..a list just for them..
Something they want.
Something they need.
Something to wear.
Something to read.

Now this little list has perplexed them as they both said they don't need anything..its a work in progress but they only have til the begginning of December to complete it.
Fern has done hers..and its a good one as she thought about it seriously for a few weeks.
Iris has done most of hers but is stuck on what she needs..bless her..
They will get 2 board games as well and a surprise present..so far i have nearly all the little things they said.

Don't worry folks i am not being mean but realistic..the girls are excited for it..and so am i..o and they still believe in Father Christmas..its just he is a bit short of money this year.
Also i am cutting back on the food..still having a turkey and all the trimmings..my mum has made us a cake..i will make cakes and a yule log..i will get some luxury food but not as much as last year..i was still eating it in the summer..thats when i realized how ridiculous it was, too much food for us.
We are going to my Daughter Heather for Boxing Day Tea..and inbetween i will do buffets and use up my left over turkey.

I am not buying presents for my older girls and their husbands..this is by mutual consent..we are all buying for children only..i have 6 grandchildren to buy for but that is not a worry..we have all set an amount of money we can afford and feel comfortable with.
So the tv ads can jog on..look where you can cut back and also try to make some presents too..i did Raspberry gin last year..was amazing and you didn't feel like you were drinking alcohol..just Raspberry juice..i had a few..so nice.No wonder i was dancing to the Nolans lol..
Baking cakes and mince-pies for gifts..knitting scarves..pretty easy as its a straight line..look in charity shops for books and ornaments.its not how much you spend but the thought that you saw it or made it that counts.
I am not preaching to you..i just really want everyone to have a great stress free,no pressure Christmas.
Do you all feel the same or am i sensitive ;)..
take care


  1. Agree with you about the ads..Now my children are all well over forty we set ourselves a theme and a challenge each christmas. This year it is the naffest mug we can find, spending no more than a £5. Last year we had how many things that would fit into a large match box, also under a £5.
    The grandchildren love vouchers, as they are of an age when they want either clothes or books

    1. Morning Joy..o that is just a wonderful idea..Its so hard when you have little ones these days..they want everything they see and parents are battered by adverts..
      It will be a long time til my grandchildren want vouchers lol..but i do enjoy buying the baby presents.
      take care

    2. A question....do babies really need presents? Aren't the presents just for the parents benefits?

      My parents were never into excessive gifting and there was no such thing as 'Santa' in our house, my children were also told that it was parents and friends who brought gifts and not 'Santa' . You can't expect your children to tell the truth if you lie to them.....

    3. No i understand what your saying Joy..i like the magic of Christmas for little ones..as they get bigger they learn the truth..i like buying gifts for the babies..its their first Christmas ..so it will be special for them..not that they will remember it.

    4. Christmas for us is a Christian occasion...even though it is all wrong! Christ was not born on 25th December, and the Census described in the Bible is not historically accurate either.

      Did you know St Francis made the first crib scene? (I'm a Franciscan!)

    5. Hi Joy..no i didn't know any of that at all..we all celebrate Christmas in our own way.
      I didn't know about St.Francis either..

  2. Hi Sara, I so agree with you. There seems to be some sort of contest on TV as to the "best" advert for Christmas. I am afraid it is lost on me.

    My 3 grandchildren are all adults now so they have money. In Card Factory I found some card Christmas houses at 99p each so I bought them all one each and have put a couple of little stocking fillers in and some choccies. I know in the past we have bught them presents that probably have never seen the light of day.

    I learned a long time ago not to buy too much food and we don't drink anyway so I just have a few bottles of wine in case we have visitors.

    I love Christmas and I love preparing for it but in the old fashioned way and if someone makes me a gift I am absolutely delighted, it just shows they thught about it.

    The kitchen looks as though it is coming on a treat.

    Much love and hugs to the girls

    Marie x

    1. Hi Marie..thank you we are working hard on the kitchen and for very little money too..
      The adverts get on my wick..i turn them off now..its seems to me its taking the fun and mystery out of christmas for little ones.
      The cards sounds brilliant..and i think deep down we all have had some presents that just never saw the light of day.
      I have my shopping list for food all done and to be honest its not that huge..which is great. As for booze..we don't drink ..we have the odd tipple at times but not that much..
      I absolutely love homemade gifts..it s the time that has been taken and the thought as well..
      Oooh an old fashioned Christmas..i like the sound of that..
      love to you and jess,flora and Captain Pilchard

  3. I can imagine how hard it must be to have young children and sit and watch all these 'must have' adverts.

    I have virtually no contact with my grandchildren unfortunately, but I do get to send them money for Christmas and birthdays, I wonder sometimes why I do though as their Mum showers them with everything they could possibly want although they 'need' nothing., and she's complained often that I don't send 'enough'. This year I believe all three are getting 32" flat screen televisions for their bedrooms as the models they got two years ago are now seen as being too small. WTF!!

    Your girls list is an amazing idea, and if every family did just as you are doing the real meaning behind Christmas might just come back. Instead of this frenzy of buying for buyings sake.

  4. Hi Sue..wow seriously new tv's after 2 yrs..
    I have gotten to the stage where i take no notice of the adverts..Fern bless her is so grown up and rolls her eyes and says its plastic rubbish..lol she has been listening to me for too long i think..
    I hate the frenzy and pushing of Christmas upon us..we have plenty of time and yet it seems you have to buy it now or it will be gone..
    Iris is struggling with what she needs..so i suggested some new slippers ..nope she told me she needs a new colouring book and crayons as her is almost full..now isn't that the sweetest little thing.
    take care


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