The Virginia Creeper..

Hello all..
My beautiful Virginia Creeper is now going a gorgeous shade of red..i love it and wish the leaves could stay as they bring some bright and cheerful colour to the garden..
This what it looked like few weeks ago

Now look at it..a blaze of red

Beautiful..i am slowly training it to go up the garden will get there.
A nice treat to see the big balloon take off again

I bet they had a great view of the county today.
take care all


  1. Sara, my virginia creeper is exactly the same, I love it. It is also creeping over next door, but he doesn't mind. I think it is the deep red/burgundy colour, they look like jewels. Such a pity it doesn't last forever.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS have a alovely day on Wednesday

    Much love to you all

    Marie x

  2. Hi Marie yes its such a shame it doesn't last through the winter..would be amazing .
    Thank you for the Birthday Wishes..She is super excited..
    love you too


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