Sunday, 4 October 2015

Imagination required

Hi all..i bet you think i have been quiet on the decorating front..well thats about to change.
Ok this wall behind the up graded wardrobes was a very deep red. We found the tin of emulsion earlier this year unopened in our shed..its called Biscuit Crunch..not wanting to waste it we decided to do the didn't cost much but took a lot of time and patience.The wardrobes were tatty pine effect..they got painted and wallpapered..the wallpaper was 2 rolls for £9..not bad.
 The curtains came from my mum and the lampshade is from the spare room so no cost there.
 My absolutely brilliant husband then papered the bedside cabinets.
 And finally this huge was originally pink drawers and blue around it..several coats of gloss later and its perfect
 The table was really banged up pine but like above several coats of paint and its gorgeous
 He also papered the end of the bed..the bed itself was that orangey its took a whole tin of gloss to paint it and we had to be very careful when we put the mattress back.
All in all it was about £40 ..but lots of time..i totally forgot to take before pictures as we were halfway through before i realized i say imagine it red and cream..with red looked nice but a little its light and airy and will last us a while ..and i have an almost whole roll left..i wonder what to do with it?
take care