Birthday ..

HI all..i hope that your ok today.
Well i was awoken this morning by Iris at the crack of dawn to tell me its her birthday..i gave up and got up..bless her she was very excited and had woken Fern up too.
Her gifts and cards..

Lamby from her big sister Annie

Fern to the rescue..helping to build a Pony House

The Cinderella Dress up outfit
 Iris had a great day and got a lot of beautiful cards and gifts..her sisters spoilt her and so did her Grandma..
Her Pink Pony cake..

Fern decorated the fairy cakes for me

It was pink inside as well

Olivia being chilled..

Esme not that happy today..
We had visitors all was lovely to see them all and to see Iris's excitement in receiving her gifts..she thanked everyone bless her..
She is fast asleep now..and hopefully worn out and won't be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow..

Marie Thank you for the Birthday card..she thinks its pretty..and is going in her Memory box..thank you.
Hugs to you Jess and is Captain Pilchard doing these days?
love to you all


  1. It looks as though Iris had a lovely PINK birthday, the cake looks delicious.

    Pilchard is fine, thank you. He usually comes to be fed twice a day, but not usually on Sunday, I like to think that it his day for visiting other folks. He is a character, he just stares at the kitchen window until we happen to see him.

    1. Marie..yes it was a pink day..the cake all got eaten..not a crumb left.
      O i love to hear about Pilchard..he reminds me of Tramp from Lady and the Tramp even though he is a cat..
      love you


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