Sorting out school work ...

Hello are you all today..
Well yesterday i spent all day sorting out school work..all the topics are in folders and all worked has been placed in files..math books all put together and all art work collected and sorted out.
I actually love doing always surprises me exactly how much we have done and how far they have progressed as well.
Project folders..

Some more project folders.

Iris's Math and English work,  some of it

Their combined work for the year

Folders,Math books and English folders

Fern's Homophone and Synonym folder

Autumn Poems and Moby Dick

Our little supplies all ready and waiting to be used.
I love home school..i get to share so much with the girls..yes it can be very frustrating but so rewarding as well.
I love that they want to learn..they are keen to get on with it and sometimes we spend more time doing our projects than we should. We kind of get carried away at times..but it is fun.
People have said i am "crazy" "mental" get the gist of it..the best one was "why? mine drive me mental "
Thing is folks i love it..and so wished i had done it with my older girls and son.
Its not expensive and lots of resources are available online and LEA..offer help if you choose it.
Others say about the socializing hasn't made one bit of difference to either girl...they have friends and are shy when meeting new people but hey who isn't when your 9 and 6.
So far my inspections have gone well and i have passed with flying colours.
Its not only teaching them English,Math and Science but how to do other things.
For example:
Loading a washing machine
Folding laundry
Cake making
As they get a little older it will be more about budgetting and using your money effectively,
all the extras that school doesn't teach them and i think its important they do learn these skills.
What do you think? Should things like these be taught at school?
take care


  1. I Really wanted to homeschool my daughters but Hubby felt school was a better option. Not to worry, the eldest has settled in well
    Jealous of the folders and stationary though. Very jealous

  2. Hi sarah..i would have left Fern in school if it wasn't for the fact that her confidence was absolute zero and she wouldn't talk..she was such a sad little thing it broke my she is happy and confident.I talked it over with her dad and he agreed with me..neither of us could bear it any longer.
    Lol..i am always on the look out for stationary that will brighten up the work..presentation is key and this is important for them to learn.
    take care

  3. I think it's wonderful how home schooling gives children chance to explore passions/interests. I'm also completely in awe of your stationary stash! Jx

    1. Hi Jan..o so do i..i love it and so do the rush/pressure..if they don't understand then that is no problem we can go over it stash has slowly built up..a few pound here and there ..

  4. Thats a lovely lot of schoolwork, should keep the education officer person busy for a while! I do envy you - some of the dreadful stories you hear about schools now surely home school is best. if i was a mum of small children now i would be doing it too and the internet has helped so much. when we had 6 months out of school in 1992 there was no help from anywhere.

    1. Hi Sue..yes it will keep her busy..she is a lovely lady and has a cuppa and chats away to me and the girls..i dreaded the first visit but am now quite chilled about it.
      I have a friend and her little one goes to Fern's old school..o i am so glad she is not there anymore..
      Its all changed now with education..Iris has never set foot in a school .
      The Inspector told me there has been a big change in Home Education in the last 5 years with more and more parents choosing to do it..they called it the Silent Revolution..
      Its such a shame there was no help for you back its literally thrown at you if you want it.
      take care


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