He may be small but boy he can pong!!!!

Hello again..well today we had to give our dog Jack a bath..he sat next to me/on me/across me/sprawled across laptop last night and boy was he whiffy.
He can't help it..i think its because he is a hairy little dog..his hair only has to get wet a little and the pong is unbearable..o he does feel sorry for himself when he is bathed..stands there shaking like a leaf,giving me the big eyes..and then he tries to blend in with the bathroom wall so we can't see him. He does make me laugh..anyway he smells much nicer now.
Look how small he is with his hair wet

Blending in with the wall

Damn she can see me...

The door is open..i am outta here..

He is all brushed and smelling nice ..laid next to me pretty soon it will be on me/across me/sprawled over laptop..funny little dog..
take care


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