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Hello everyone..i hope that your all ok and enjoying this warmer weather.
Its been a busy week with this that and the other to do.
After finding some old jigsaws in the attic we tackled  the Barbie one..thankfully all the pieces were there..

We then decided to have a go at the Weaving..honestly i can understand why it was still in the box untouched..its not hard to do but the weaving plastic is thick and hard to move about easily..i am going to look for some different plastic or maybe some thick wool.

My son has been constantly at the allotment as well..he loves that place..we have had some more carrots,beetroot,courgettes and potatoes..beautiful.
I cooked the Beetroot and froze them in meal size packs for myself and hubby..we had a lot of potatoes left over so i froze them too..they will be used within a few weeks..i sliced them and popped a tiny bit of butter on top of them..i will either fry or pop them in the oven..

I looked like i had committed a murder after slicing all these..

I kept a pot of fresh Beetroot in the fridge..its good for about 3-4 days.
I have been baking again..trying out some new things as well..i mean what can you make with half a jar of Peanut Butter..well i made cookies and Wow they were delicious and literally flew out the tin..none left...thats a good sign.

This all that is left of a Choc chip cake after one day..
I also made some Coconut tarts and the usual Jam tarts and Lemon curds.

Inbetween everything else i refreshed my Air Fresheners..i added some Cinnamon Oil to my Bicarb of Soda this time..gave it a shake..left the lid on for half and hour then took it off..my room now has that light scent of Cinnamon..its lovely. I also did the ones in the bathroom and downstairs toilet..its not overwhelming just a slight essence..but so easy and cheap to do..plus i can change the scent anytime i want to.

The jar i use here was 20p from a carboot sale..isn't it gorgeous.
So my hubby and i have raided his garden shed and found a lot of paints..all unopened to our shame..bought it never used it..so i rolled my sleeves up painted our porch..gave it a new lease of life..

 A few more coats and it will be done..hubby has fixed the roof and now put up some guttering..when it rains it pours all over..hopefully now with the guttering we can direct the water into the flower bed,much better than having a wet through doorstep.

 Do you like the pig..i used to ring this and shout "Teatime" lol..they all came running..
 I have started to paint the garden gate and will work my way around the top bit of the garden..i also found some Windowsill paint..they desperately need doing.. i love my little house and garden and i think that they are definitely worth the time and effort..we were laughing and saying that we are Winter proofing the house in the middle of summer..thing is if you don't look after the most important things then you end up with a falling down porch,a rotten gate and cracked Windowsills...these things i can't afford to replace so i will take better care of them.
I admit over the last few years i have let things slide..well no more..if i have spare time then out comes a paint brush.

We had both Hollie and Emma on Saturday for a while..the weather was nice so we had a BBq..well we did but Emma had bread and butter with red sauce..and some crisps. The girls all played so well together and had a great time..i brought out the baking i had done..my girls dove straight in..Hollie made me laugh..i asked her if she wanted a cookie..she said "no thank you i only like the proper cookies from the supermarket" haha..maybe i should have been offended i don't know but it did make me laugh.

What about you ladies..what have you all been doing?
take care


  1. Once upon a time, a long time ago ( when i was young!) basket weaving was done with cardboard shapes and raffia! Just the same but different.

  2. You know i have some raffia..brilliant sue thank you..
    take care


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