A not so nice trip to the Doctors for 2 small girls..

Hello all..i was asked by my eldest DD to go with her this week to help her out with the twins ..they were due there last set of injections for now..i hate this..i know its a necessary thing to do but i have real problem, it makes me angry,i know its quick and over with in a few seconds. Yet i just can't do it to them,they are so small and the bloody needles look huge compared to the little legs on a baby..i don't mind if its for me needles don't bother me at all..but to see them being stuck into little ones i can't handle it..my hubby or my mum had to take all my babies to have jabs..i would wait outside teeth clenched waiting for them to cry..i felt truly awful..it should be me in there with them but unless the nurse wanted a smack then it was better for me and her if i stayed away.Am i terrible for that?
Well we got there and both girls were awake and full of smiles..then in they went one at a time..when one had been done we swapped over..i had the inconsolable baby ..i rocked,soothed and hopefully helped them through the shock of it. Poor little things.Thankfully its the last set until they are 1.
After all this they came home with me to see Grandad , Uncle and 2 excited little Aunties.They were worn out.Our DD stayed for lunch with us and it meant we got cuddles from both babies.
Esme spark out..

Olivia looking at me..so gorgeous..

 Olivia pooped from her bottom to her shoulders..so she had to have emergency clothes..babygrow from my mum and a vest from me..here she is fast asleep on grandad.
 Esme fast asleep on Andrea..
 Look at the size of that pram..its huge..yet very easy to push and manouver..not as heavy as it looks either.

It has all the fancy doo-dads ..all came with it..waterproofs,sunscreens,car seats,carrycots and pushchair seats..very nice.
I can remember my first pram..Silvercross navy blue pram..with a shopping tray on the bottom..it was my pride and joy apart from the baby in it..you had to buy everything seperate in them days.Things have changed for the better in that way.
take care all


  1. I know what you mean about their injections, I always feel such a meany as they sit so trustingly on your lap, unaware of the pain to come. I actually think it is worse having the injections when they are older, as they are more aware. Oh well, just remember that the injection is far better than getting the horrible illnesses it prevents xx

    1. Hi claire o you so right on both counts..bigger they are the worse i think it is as they watch that needle ..and of course the jabs are not bad compared to the nasty illness's they prevent.
      take care

  2. Sara you descibe so clearly how I used to feel, I would gladly have had the injections for them. I can remember looking at their little face. and seeing for a split second the look of disbelief before the pain hit them.

    Poor Olivia no wonder she had an upset tummy, I hope she is better now.

    Love and hugs to the flower tots

    Marie xx

    1. Hi Marie..o its awful..i thought i may be able to do it for Annie but i couldn't..so soft. Thankfully Andrea is made of sterner stuff..yes i do think it was the jab that caused the explosion from Olivia..she slept like a log all afternoon all the way home and then all night bless her.
      The flowertots are good and are playing cowboys and indians with Nerf guns..
      love to you and Jess and Flora.


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