What to do with an old bedrail?????

Hello all i hope that your all ok?
I hope you know by now that i am very much into upcycling and re-cycling . I use Pinterest as my inspiration for lots of little ideas.
So that leads to the question above..what to do with an old bedrail?
When we upcycled Iris's little bed , we took the rail off the side of it..part of me wanted to throw it but another part was literally screaming NO NO NO NO KEEP IT!!!! so i gave in and kept it.
Its been hanging around for ages now..in the spare room a.k.a toy room.
Perusing Pinterest i saw lots of ideas for old rails and sides of cots..
So today i decided what to do with it.
I painted it and have decided to turn it into a scarf rail..what you ask? A scarf rail..something to hang scarves on. I don't know if yours do it but mine do and it drives me potty..scarves get all twisted and tangled..and if they happen to get damp there is nothing worse than putting on a damp scarf..its been screwed up and left all night in a huge knot and not dried properly..so no more of that for me matey.
When i told my husband he was sceptical but humoured me anyway..so today it was painted and made ready.
I painted it black under the watchful eye of a vintage sindy doll sat on a sofa.
So here it is already to go on the wall.
 I also finished off some more picture frames for the hallway..
 The terrible twosome..aren't they cute.
 I have had these little pictures since last year..i got them from Matalan for a few pounds..they have been all over the house but today i decided that they are going here permanently.
 Each one has a little quote..this is Sam when he was a baby..beautiful
 Andrea,fionna and heather on the climbing frame when they were small.
 Fionna and Andrea having a cuddle
 Andrea and little baby brother Sam..
 My photo gallery is growing nicely on the stairs..
So that is what i have been doing.
What have you all been up to?


  1. Nice ideas there. I have an old bunk bed ladder in my garage, similar to your bed rail. I will find a use for it eventually. I am making felt hearts, by the way.

  2. Hi Meanqueen..love your blog by the way..i wish i had a bigger ladder side..i would love to have it hanging up for towels in the bathroom or in my bedroom to hang up blankets..i love felt hearts by the way.
    take care


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