Just Jack looking fab!!!

Hi all ..i hope that your all ok?

Well as some of you may know we have a little dog..his name is Jack and he is a Yorkie/poo..more poodle than anything else..he is small and cute and not one mean bone in his body. He is small but expensive to keep looking good..he has to be groomed every 3 months which can cost a small fortune.
I have been taking him to the vets to be groomed there..twice he has come back looking like he has not been done and they also cut his little whatnots and had to use surgical glue on him..poor dog.

So i have been looking for another groomers..not having a car kind of limits where i can take him to be done.
After an internet search i found Gonerby Gorgeous.
My husband rang and spoke to the lady who owns it..lovely lady very friendly and passionate and caring about what she does..it was lovely to hear someone talk who clearly loves her job . She gave us excellent advice on how to care for Jacks coat(never been offered advise before by the vets groomer).Even better they offer a collection and drop off service..amazing. So we booked him in.

So today was Jack's big day..he was picked up and popped into a cage and off he went.
It was very quiet without him and we did miss him.
He arrived back just after 2.. and boy o boy what a wonderful job she has done on him..no scruffy bits,no danglies,no stickyout bits..and he smells gorgeous..we were all so pleased to see him and he was us too.
He had his dinner and went for a nap..worn out he was.
We are so impressed with what she has done that i rang her to say so..i also said i wanted to put her on my blog and she kindly agreed to let me..i feel that good work needs to be acknowledged and recognized.

So Gonerby Gorgeous Thank You!!!!!
Here is the little fella..now the pictures may not look that good ..he is black and that makes taking his picture really hard he is also bloody fast so getting him to sit still is impossible.
25 High Street
Great Gonerby
This is not a sponsored post by the way..i just like to see good people  and their hard work appreciated.
Take care all


  1. Hi Sara, your dog is so cute! The fee you mentioned is almost the same cost here in the US for my dog's grooming. Mandy, my dog, goes every three months for "beauty treatment". Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

  2. Hi Joan..bless "beauty treatment"..i will tell Jack that,,i thought the price was really good..including Vat and the pick up and drop off service..i am really happy with them.

  3. He looks gorgeous Sara, and I am sure he enjoyed his little visit.

    Like you I always think good service should be shown to be appreciated. Sometimes I get those till spits from M&S and such like asking about my experience, and I fill them in on line.

    When I worked, I once had a song played for me on local radio in appreciation of the care I gave to someone when they came to register a death. Unfortunately I didn't hear it but our Commissionaire did and told me about it.

    Hope you are feeling better now and that the girls are OK

    Much love

    Marie xx

    1. O Marie thats lovely to have a song played for you..the circumstances may have been sad but to think that you made a difference to that one person in their time of grief is something special.
      I always fill things in if i get good service from someone..its nice to be appreciated what ever you do in life.
      We are all feeling much better thank you..but am still going slow.
      love you


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