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Hi all i hope your all ok today..
Well what a week its been..still feel a bit wobbly but i am getting there.
I have been doing bits and bobs all week..i don't know if your the same but i can't bear to be sat still..if i am poorly its different but once i start to recover i want to get on and do things,however i couldn't this time..it has taken me a while to get over this bout of illness yet i am moving about and doing stuff.
Am currently on the sofa with the dog( however small he maybe) trying to edge me off..he likes my spot on the sofa..its in the corner with the comfy cushions..everytime i move he is there..and when i am sat there he uses his vast body weight to squash me..haha..now he is using his puppy dog look on me..it won't work..i am immune to it...well for now anyway.
So i have been itching to do some baking..i actually missed doing it..and i think that everyone else has too..i was being asked for cakes during the week..so i hope they all love what i made today..
Jam tarts and lemon curds

Honey biscuits
 I found a recipe for Honey Biscuits in one of my old cookery books..so easy to make and taste delicious even better with a cup of tea.
No Bake Peanut Butter Bars..

The girls love these..if you want the recipe i will post it up for you all..
Now i love nuts but my husband is allergic to them so i have to be careful what i can bake ..i keep all my nuts separate to everything else..i have been seeing recipes for Sugared Walnuts all over Pinterest..i have to admit they make my mouth water..so today as a treat to my self i made some..ooh ladies they are gorgeous..and so simple to make..

I only made a handful to see if i liked them and i do so i will make more..they are very moreish.
I know all the schools broke up this week for the holidays..we have had to have time off unfortunately but i am planning on schooling next week and all the way through the holidays..but only in the mornings and having afternoons free for fun and crafting.
We had my little grand-daughter Hollie on Thursday..only really saw her at lunchtime..they were all outside on the trampoline or playing upstairs..we are going to be having her every week during the holidays..its nice to have her here.
I have been a bit lapse with puddings whilst ill but i made one this week..Choclate Cobbler..its a favourite..and good with cream,custard,ice-cream or on its own.

Its all gooey and choclatey and quite easy to make..if you want to know how just let me know and i will pop it up for you.
I am hoping to be able to redo my bedroom with the money we have made from our ebay sales..i have 2 more sales going through which will bring me £10..Simon is going back in the attic tomorrow to find the toys and games we have still up there.
I am also hoping to redo the back porch area and the dining room..only the chimney breast in that room..i will keep you updated on those plans.
So ladies what have you all been doing this week and have you done any baking?
take care


  1. Oooooooh Sara, Lyn and I were just saying how delicious your baking looks, my goodness you have been busy. You put me to shame because all I have done is cook a roast dinner and I have baked a lemon drizzle cake which is waiting to be iced.

    I am glad you are on the mend, when you are ill you usually make a good job of it don't you lol. I wonder how long those lovely tarts and cakes will last, not long I suspect.

    Love you all

    Marie xx

  2. Hi Marie..well the tarts are disappearing and i have been nibbling on the biscuits too..may have to bake again mid week..but i take it as a compliment when it all gone.
    Simon does our roasts dinner..he loves doing them..and i love to bake. i am feeling much better just tired very easily.
    love to you,jess and flora..how is Captain Pilchard?
    love sara

  3. Yummy baking Sara, our children love homemade jam tarts.
    Just catching up with your posts, Summer is so busy.
    Fondly Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle..thank you..o the tarts will be gone no doubt..summer is busy but its one of the best times.
      take care

  4. Hello Sara, just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Those walnuts look delicious. May I ask how you made them? Also yes please to the chocolate cobbler recipe! I have had to go gluten free recently so am trying to adapt my recipes but I find the gluten free flour can be rather dry so I think your pudding might work well as it looks to have lots of sauce. Thanks for the inspiration, Helen

    1. Hi Helen..i am glad you have enjoyed reading..i will do a post for you with the recipes..
      welcome to my little world


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