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Hello all i hope that your all ok..
Well this week has been weird..the house is full of summer colds..that has have turned into nasty little illness's.
Iris has been to the out of hours at the hospital..her temperature was 39.6..so hot and then she got goosepimples and started to shake..the doctor has said she has a nasty little virus and should be ok in a few days..we have given her Neurofen to bring down her temperature and i spent time cooling her down with a cold wet flannel..basically a bed bath..we put the air conditioning unit in their bedroom earlier in the week to combat the horrendous heat we have had..i left it on all night for them..Fern has had a snotty nose and headache..so i have had some late night and early mornings..thats not so bad..we were walking around the garden at 4 in the morning on Friday and it was just so peaceful and cool..we saw the full moon which was glowing brightly as the sun was just coming up too..beautiful. The girls are feeling better but i am making them go slow and drink plenty and rest..it has totally wiped them out. Simon and Sam have also been ill..colds and coughs..Simon now has Laryngitis..we have been teasing him and calling him Batman.
 The garden is extremely busy with birds flitting about at the moment..yet i find it relaxing to sit and listen to them all..the Finches sing away,the Starlings all chit chat..the Blackbirds trill loudly and one keeps making his phone call..its just so noisy but a nice noise..we all love to sit outside and just listen and watch them fly here then over there and then back again..the Sparrows land almost next to you if you sit quietly..how lucky we are to have a garden that is bountiful with life.

I am also ill..started with a cold..now its Tonsilitis and ear infection..i have antibiotics..mind you its been a good excuse to eat icecream ..the girls and i have finished a tub off whoops.

So really not much to report..i have been doing my meal plans and lesson plans for when they are better..we have been through the freezer and will use up all we have .

I made a decorating plan for downstairs toilet and porch way..i want to change the colour from grey to a nice turqouise with a seaside theme..and make a little curtain for the window using either old scarves or muslin squares..the porch will be painted at the top above the coat rail and then the huge wall will be papered in maps..yep thats right maps..which will then be varnished to keep safe..i also have drawn up a plan to have a seat box with room to put boots,shoes and wellies under it out the way..i have some old veg crates that will slide in and out nicely. We have made a start by making an old canvas in to a collage of old english maps..thats one down and we will do more.
O a quick tip..if you buy the canvas's and then don't like what you have done on it don't throw it..re use it.
All you need is white emulsion and some time..i took down 2 off the girls that they had painted on and just painted right over it with white emulsion..it took a few coats but now we have 2 new canvas's to use.

I haven't done any baking so far as no one really has an appetite..no doubt it will change..i found some recipes in my old Jackson cookery book..i am going to try them and see how they are.
I have bought a few things on Ebay that were not really budgeted for but i did need them both ..well ok one is a Wantie but the other is needed. We have a plan to totally redo the front garden its getting over grown and the local cats think its poo central..the fences are going to come out to be replaced by a Hawthorn hedge..which is surprisingly a lot cheaper to plant than replacing the fence panels..and they are not twigs either..they are quite big and will grow quickly.The borders will be shrunk down and the grass expanded..it will be hard work but worth it..the purchase on Ebay was some aluminum ..this will go over the top of our gates..the tops of which have got damp and splintered a bit..the aluminium will stop the rot hopefully and they will last a few more years..the colour of them is also going to change from black to a lovely shade of green..i will have to sand them down a bit but it will make them look new .

The Wantie i bought was a book..The Fairy Gift by Cecily Mary Barker..o its beautiful and is now crossed off my Book List..which is ever growing by the way..

I have a few more of her books..obviously all the Flower Fairy books and The lord of Rushdie River..plus a book of short stories and rhymes..they are so beautifully written and illustrated..i have seen a few more to add to my list..i like to buy the old ones which means they are sometimes harder to get hold of but they pop up now and again..the money i used to pay for them came from some sales i had made.

What have you all been up to this week and how did you cope with the heat..did you lose any plants like we did?
Can't forget to mention the storms..crikey o riley weren't they amazing.
Our bedroom got lit up at least a dozen or more times with the lightening..the thunder wasn't so bad it didn't shake the house..and the rain well it was torrential..we were worried about the garden and greenhouses in case we got hail stones like golf balls..thankfully after 4 hours it rumbled itself out.
Did you see the storms.?
take care


  1. Ah that's not good. I hope you all feel better very quickly. That book looks lovely. I have been working all week in the heat- not fun I have the hottest classroom in the school.

    I have spent a lot of time out in the garden this weekend. First of all catching up with my marking. Cutting the grass, weeding and replanting everything in my little mini greenhouse- I lost everything as I forgot to open it before work on Tuesday and everything fried! It's so warm that I have just left both greenhouses open and haven't bothered to close them fir the rest of the week.

  2. Hi Sarah, o i feel for you having a hot classroom..must be unbearable.
    O its a shame you lost everything in the greenhouse..its gutting isn't it when it happens..bet your glad summer holidays are close. We are all starting to feel better thank you.
    take care


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