Birthdays and surprise flowers..

Yesterday was my little grand-daughter Emma's 3rd birthday..we were all invited to a BBQ but as some of the family were poorly only Fern and myself was a lovely afternoon though..all the grand children were there and my older girls with their partners except Annies as he stayed home with the twins..too hot for them..
I got some pictures of them all..poor Emma got upset when her candles were lit..poor thing..she was ok after a few minutes and enjoyed the cake..
 Opening her presents,,we got her a tea set and a hobby horse..
 Opening her cards with my granddaughter Leah..
 My grandson Samual..
 My granddaughter Hollie
 My son in law Sam..a.k.a BBQ master..
My older girls..Fionna,Andrea and son in law to be Matt..
 My Granddaughter Leah's sparkly trainers..
 Lovely chocolate birthday cake..

Poor Emma all upset..maybe it was all of us singing to wasn't a cats chorus to be honest.
But we all had a good time and Emma was happy..thats what its all about..being happy and making the little people smile.

We had a surprise this of the Wandering Jew cuttings flowered..we were so surprised and didn't know they did.
Isn't it lovely and the colour is so delicate..beautiful.
take care


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