Home Happenings..

Hi all..hope that your all ok..
I was slightly disappointed that we didn't get the Thunderstorm we were forecast..it swept past us..it would have just topped of our work on the Water Cycle and Cloud Formations..but we are supposed to get one later this week..i want to show the girls the cloud formations ..

In the meantime we have kept busy with other stuff..we made the girls jeans into some shorts for the summer..these jeans had gone at the knees and i was going to patch them but on looking in the wardrobes i decided to make shorts instead..

Now as shorts..
The stitching isn't straight but the girls love them so that makes me happy..

We have also been learning about where we live..and all the continents and flags of countries..i saw this and thought i would have a go at it..i downloaded the flags on paper and used FT2's little hand as a template..we spent ages cutting them all out..but i think it looks good and we had fun doing it as well

Hand flag wreath..welcome to our home.

I have sold a few more items on ebay..i sold this little beauty this morning..its so pretty and very floaty

I baked on Saturday..i made Granola again..it doesn't last long in this house..its so nice and so much cheaper than buying it..i made Maids of Honour,tarts,cookies and some Rose flavoured little cakes plus a lemon cake covered in lemon icing with little orange and lemons on top..it was delicious.

I only used half a teaspoon of the Rose flavouring..they are so tasty and don't leave that cloying taste in your mouth..FT1 absolutely loves them and has eaten a majority of the by herself..
We had the Lemon cake with Saturday tea..and the rest was eaten with Sunday tea..all gone now but i will make another as i know it will get definitely get eaten.
We put up a new wind sock..we normally have Union Jack but the bad weather has rotted it..we have another but decided to have the wind sock for a while..
I found this garland in a box and decided to use it..what do you think?
 Here what i did with it..does it look ok or too much..

The figure of the lady on the mantel piece has been up cycled..she was all brown and grotty looking so i spray painted her and now she looks lovely all white and clean up there..the little blue and white lamp belonged to my grandma ..its an Avon perfume bottle..and it still has the scent of the perfume in it..i sniff it now and again to remind myself what granny smelt like..its beautiful..and in great condition..its my little treasured item..no one touches it and i mean no one.The other ornaments have come from charity shops for a few pounds..and are lovely too..i like to swap and change the mantle piece about now and again.
right i will be back later with a garden and green house update.
take care all


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