Saturday, 30 May 2015

I can't do it....

Hi you can tell from my large family i have a lot of Birthdays,Anniversary and Christmas cards to buy and send each year..literally every month it is someone's Birthday or a celebration of some kind.
So i thought i would make my own..I can personalize them and be a bit money saving at the same we have a lot of girls in the family i thought that i would start with them.
After looking at what other's were doing i made my mind up on nice flowers..more over roses..
I bought this book with the sole intention of  cutting out the flowers and making my own cards.
But once the book arrived i just couldn't do it..the pictures are so beautiful and i would feel terrible cutting up this i a wuss or what??

Vintage Roses..gorgeous
Beautiful Pictures

Its a vintage Cuthberts Rose Book..i can't do it..i keep looking at it and thinking i should just do it..but i can't..its too pretty and it has been someone's pride and joy for a long time..its in perfect condition.
So i am back to square one..i am thinking of wallpaper samples instead..i will quite happily cut the flowers out  of them..
Have you ever bought anything with the sole intention of cutting it up but then find you can't.
take care all